El Salvador Archivos Perdidos del Conflicto - Vol 3


"In 1989, ARENA won the presidential elections. That same year, after a few months before the democratically elected Executive office took power, the FMLN launched the biggest military offensive of the war called "To the Top" on November 11. ARENA, under the direction of Alfredo Cristiani as President of the country, had resumed peace negotiations in order to find a peaceful solution to a conflict that had already cost thousands of lives. Within the international context, the Cold War was coming to an end with the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9,1989 two days before the "To the Top Offensive". The United States and the former Soviet Union withdrew support to both sides of the Salvadoran War. The Peace Negotiations gained strength and after months of meetings between the government and the FMLN, with the mediation of the United Nations, peace was signed in Chapultepec, Mexico on January 12, 1992. These years brought several terrifying discoveries for a society tired of the horrors of war: a sector of the FMLN, outside the party, perpetrated kidnappings against prominent members of society. A huge lot of arms, as well as plans for kidnappings to finance resurgence war, were discovered. This was to be used on the event that the peace accords were not followed word by word. However, government institutions, as well as the Salvadoran society, were adamant to continue with the peace process so that war would not return."

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El Salvador Archivos Perdidos del Conflicto - Vol 3
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