S2 | E9 | Airdate: 10/07/2018
Emiley and her nana get coffee and talk about Bridget. Emiley thinks her mom is always mad at her and has a hard time standing up for what she feels is right for her and Aria. Things between Emiley and Diego's families reach a boiling point as Emiley gets ready for cheer tryouts. Bridget explodes when she feels like Emiley favores Krista over her. In Ohio, the reality that McKayla is growing up and making her own decisions sets in as the families gather to watch her try on wedding dresses, despite the fact that no one feels like she is ready to walk down the aisle. In Indiana, Laura and Margee decide it's time to talk to Anna about the birds and the bees. Now that Anna has a boyfriend they want to make sure there isn't another baby in the house anytime soon. Chloe and her family celebrate her younger sister, Brooklyn's birthday, but the family has to cut the trip short when Chloe becomes worried something isn't right with her baby. She is a week overdue and wants to be induced. In Monticello, Lexus and Shayden argue on their way to prom. Shayden reveals his insecurities about Lexus being so upfront about her attraction to women. He is still bothered by the fact that Lexus cheated on him with a girl. Lexus is snippy and doesn't seem to know what she wants in her relationship with Shayden.

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