Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine

Discovery GO
S1 | E3 | Airdate: 04/26/2019
With a measly 3.5oz, Dave makes the huge call to shut down the operation until they root out the problem. Is it the wash plant? Or worse, the ground? The team pull together and start the investigation. With gold in the tailings Nathan fixes the sluice box and when a decision is made on which dirt to run and which to trash, Dave re-starts the operation and the gold total slowly begins to rise. But the first cut is running out and Dave faces a huge dilemma on where to mine next. When Dave stumbles across the site where the old dredge died, he begins to piece together the history and believes he's found virgin ground. He works out the route the dredge was headed before it broke down and shifts the operation to chase the path. Dave's detective work is proven right as the ground begins to pay. And when Nathan and Loader operator Chris Taylor to convince Dave to wash the matts out twice a day, they pull a massive 9oz. With the ground paying, the machine dialled in and his team of rookies finally looking like miners, the gold total rockets up, and Dave's 100oz target is back in the crosshairs.

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