Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine

Discovery GO
S1 | E4 | Airdate: 04/28/2019
With a week to go and on the tail of the ground the old Dredge missed, Dave and his crew are looking good to reach their 100oz target. But disaster is a foot as the trommel snaps a vital rail and the team are forced into a bush-fix-weld, praying it will hold for 5 more days But things go from bad to worse, when the gold from the dredge graveyard begins running low, and with nowhere else yielding results, Dave is out of options. Dave's number 2, Jason Sanchez convinces him to go against the land owners wishes and head back to where he originally prospected. He reluctantly agrees and pulls an amazing sample which he takes to the land owners, in a last-ditch attempt to convince them to get him access to the ground . They agree to make some calls, but it doesn't look good With ground running out and the trommel on its last legs, they are limping towards the end. And when running time and gold numbers begin to drop, it looks all over. With a few days remaining the land owners come through and Dave is given access to the land at the east of the claim. He doubles down, brings in another Rock truck and goes for broke. It pays off and at the bitter end Dave pulls 21 ounces in the last 2 days, to take his total to 80oz in just 5 weeks After all the issues, it's a massive win, enough to re-coup costs and get everyone paid. Dave's proven himself as a boss and that there's still gold in this lost mine. After 2 years of struggle, he's back in business and back in the game

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