The Bet
2020 | NOT-RATED
Isabel's romantic dinner out with her husband of twenty odd years doesn't go the way she expected. As Cal ignores her, reading sports scores on his phone, Isabel sees a young man at a nearby table proposing to his girlfriend. But when she reminds Cal of the day he proposed, he becomes obsessed with the discovery that he's the only man who ever proposed to her. Even he has had two proposals. Isabel argues it's easy to get a man to propose, you hint and flirt and flatter. Voices are raised, feelings are hurt, tempers flare – until an angry Isabel declares that she could get another man to propose if she wanted, she could even get the next man who walks through that door- Is that a bet? Cal asks. And into the restaurant steps Albert, a lonely, eccentric, grief-stricken man, a man who believes he will never be loved. And what looks like an easy bet for the lovely Isabel becomes a touching, funny and delightful moral tale that may change all their lives forever.