SN 2 | EP 14 | Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Chloe has been released from the hospital, and Jessica and Nate question why Max is not there. In Oklahoma, Emiley, Diego, Bridget, Nana, Krista, and Fabian sit down to discuss how bad Diego and Bridget's relationship has become and how much he disrespects her. Diego voices his frustration and dislike for Bridget as she cries about how she wishes things were different. Fabian believes that the families will come together in due time. Back in Arizona, Chloe's extended family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Chloe and Ava with a food and decorations. When they arrive Chloe is exhausted because she hasn't slept and Jessica encourages her to get some rest while they have family around to help with Ava. While Chloe is resting, Jessica is back downstairs with with her family discussing Max's absence. Jessica is upset and feels that Max is finally showing his true colors. Jessica and Nate hope that Chloe will be strong enough to make the best decision for herself and Ava, and in their opinion that means breaking up with Max. In Ohio, Caelan arrives at Tim & Cindy's to pick up Timmy for a family BBQ. He tells Cindy that Mckayla broke up with him that morning and that she took her things and left with Timmy. After Caelan leaves with Timmy, Cindy calls McKayla to find out that she broke up with him because they are both unhappy and it was a long time coming. Later, Shelly drops Timmy off at Tim and Cindy's. Shelly and Cindy are confused by the break-up but they are not shocked because Caelan and Mckayla breaking up seems to be a normal thing to them. Mckayla explains that she's been unhappy for a while now and she was hoping that things would get better before the wedding but they never did. She thought that things would be easier for Timmy if she just ended things because she didn't want him growing up watching them fight all the time. Mckayla believes that this break up is final, but Shelly has a different opinion. In Indiana, Tylor, Pat and Lucas go for a stroll through the park. Tylor catches Pat by surprise by asking for Laura's hand in marriage. Pat wasn't expecting this to happen so soon and get a emotional at the thought of Laura growing up and having a family of her own. Back in Ohio, During their father's day dinner McKayla reveals to Tim that she's pregnant again. She is not happy about the pregnancy at all. She also tells him that the wedding is officially off. Back in Phoenix, things get tense when Jessica and Nate confront Max about his legal issues. Jessica found that Max had recently been arrested. Max is clearly upset about the confrontation and tells Nate to bite his tongue. Jessica tells him that she doesn't feel comfortable having in their home. Nate feels that Chloe's has to do a little soul searching to do.

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