The Rose of Versailles

SN 1 | EP 40 | Farewell, My Darling Oscar

Mortally wounded, Oscar's last request is that the former French Guards continue firing and seize Bastille Prison. She dies on July 14, 1789, listening to the sounds of the Storming of Bastille. It surrenders an hour afterwards. Five years later, Rosalie and Bernard visit Alain at his farm, filling him in about the fate of the King, Marie Antoinette, Hans Axel von Fersen and other figures of the Revolution. Polignac and many other nobles had fled the Queen's side, but Fersen returned to Paris to help the Royal Family escape. His plan failed, and Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and their children were executed, though the Queen's mind was comforted whenever she thought of Oscar. Robespierre and Saint-Just were also executed in political struggles. Fersen became cold-hearted after Marie's death, and was slaughtered by his own citizens. Bernard begins writing a book about the French Revolution, and Oscar and Andre were buried together on a small hill in Arras. The morning of her execution, Antoinette gave Rosalie a paper flower and told her to color it in Oscar's favorite color. The group ultimately decides to keep the rose white, symbolizing Oscar's enduring nobility.

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The Rose of Versailles
Season 1