Casper's Scare School

SN 2 | EP 43 | Woodward's Day Out / Calc the Chamaeleon

Woodward's Day Out: While visiting Cappy the Pirate, Casper learns that Woodward, the figurehead from Cappy's Galleon, has disappeared during a storm above Deedstown. Casper and Jimmy go looking for him throughout the city and start to uncover the strange path Woodward has taken, but will they rescue Woodward before he's mistaken for fire-wood? Calc The Cameleon: Casper, who causes Calculizard to lose his tail, finds him a new one in the Secret Attic. However this new tail is very special – in fact it's charmed - as it comes from a camelemonster and has the power to turn the wearer invisible. Calculizard is delighted with his new found power and decides visit the Deedstown movie theatre and indulge in his love of black and white movies. But when his own tail starts to grow in, Casper must bring him back to Scare School before Calculizard presence is revealed.

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Casper's Scare School