Flintstone Kids

SN 2 | EP 20 | Philo's D-feat / The Birthday Shuffle / Captain Cavedog

Philo receives a "D" when his science project, a robot, is not finished on time. Despite Philo's disappointment, he completes the robot and learns from the experience when the mechanical device causes trouble by taking Philo's instructions too literally. Despite Freddy's warnings, Dino can't wait to open his birthday present. After tearing off the wrapping, Dino must replace it before Freddy discovers what happened. The villains that Captain Caveman has put in prison send Mr. Bad to seek revenge. Mr. Bad feeds Captain Caveman a hot dog that changes him into a dog. Cavey, Jr. and the Captain must capture Mr. Bad within an hour to get an antidote, or Captain Caveman will remain a dog forever!

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Flintstone Kids